Yukon Gold Casino Bonus Codes

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Yukon Gold Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from Angola, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos [Keeling] Islands, Comoros, Congo – Brazzaville, Congo – Brazzaville, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Micronesia, France, Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Maldives, Mayotte, Myanmar [Burma], Nauru, Niger, Niue, Norfolk Island, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Spain, South Africa, Syria, Tajikistan, Uganda, United States, Western Sahara, Dominica, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Palau, Pitcairn Islands, North Korea, Afghanistan, Congo – Kinshasa, Côte d’Ivoire, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guam, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Italy, Kiribati, Nigeria, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Somalia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom!

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  1. /I decide to play here because I saw they offer 1000 euro free play bonus to their new players and they are part of the askgamblers top 50 so I trust to them. So I went to their web page and checked the terms and conditions of the bonus. If I play with that 1000 euro free play I can take my winnings up to 100 euro. I download their software, registered, after it I started the one hour free play. When I clicked to start the free play button one internet explorer pop ups and I only can play via it.

    I played with a high stake on Avalon slot. I played 5 euro per bet after I lost my half balance I bored it so I clicked to the stop playing button. One popup window warned me I didn’t met the conditions, after it I get an animated support character who u201csadu201d to me she calculates my bonus from my game play, Then I able to play 1 spin on some winning wheel and I won 50 euro deposit bonus from it. I think you can do anything you only can get 50 euro, so this is a 110% bonus because to can get this money you need to deposit 40 euro minimum.I contacted with the live support and asked him to tell me more about this bonus, he told me the wagering requirements is 30x so I had 90 euro match bonus with 2700 euro to turn over. I raised the bet to 2.5 euro and started to play with bars and stripes.

    That wasn’t a good idea because my money is went down fast. The last spin I get the bonus game but I won only 20 euro from it and lost it within minutes. I didn’t won from their casino but it sure I can play a lot from my money. /Thank you!

  2. Yukon Gold is another good casino from Microgaming family and also a part of Casino Rewards Group casinos which in my opionion already means superb quality (customer service vise and great variety of games). I joined them two weeks ago to try them, as I am a member in most CRG casinos. I’ve noticed that they have a free play bonus and last year I played a bonus like this in another CRG group casino. / After downloading their software, I signed up and made a 30u20ac deposit via skrill. Altough this time I wanted to play bonus-free, I didn’t see any interesting or generous promotion in my account offers. Then I visited the slot called Kathmandu which I’ve started to play very recently.

    I placed 0.27u20ac bets per spin and after 30 spins I received 15 free spins. The spins paid only 4u20ac but my balance was right back where started. So I increased bets to 0.45u20ac and played 100 spins, in the middle of them I got 4 scatters, that gave me 11u20ac win and another 15 spins bonus round, which overall resulted with a nice win of 40u20ac. I saw that the game was in a good mood so I upped bets to 0.90u20ac per spin. It took me around 60 spins with small wins to get another bonus feature, this time with 60u20ac win.

    I continued to play this game until it reached 130u20ac, then I decided to withdraw. Just to be sure, I sent them all verification documents. I had no problems with my withdrawal and it was in my skrill account in around 4 days, as their pending period is 48 hours. I am really impressed with this casino, I didn’t even contact the support as everything was smooth and easy to find. Great game selection, decent withdrawal time and download version that works good- doesn’t lag or give server errors.

    I will definitely play there again, they are trustful and can be recommended.

  3. Yukon gold casino is using Microgaming software and belongs to casino rewards group. And I can prove you why I am always saying that this is safe and decent brand, look at number of complaints here, 3 complaints and 3 resolved, within 5 days, this means only that casino managers worry about reputation of their casinos, and if someone really need help, askgamblers will be able and will be happy to help to resolve any complaint which player will have. Just try not broke any terms and conditions, as this is typical complaint against Casino Rewards, player did not read terms and conditions, then casino confiscate his money due to breach terms and conditions, and then player start posting everywhere that casino rewards is scammers and stole his money. Such things is extremely rude, and I hate people who posts thing like that, it is only player responsiblity to read terms and conditions, as he accept it when registering account.I played at Yukon casino twice, and twice I did not take any bonuses, because Casino Rewards has rule does not take two bonuses in raw, I just take bonus in other their brand, and made deposit in Yukon gold without any bonus, and such two times. With first deposit I played Thunderstruck II game, but since deposit was only 20$ I of course can’t wait anything good, and I lost without getting 3 scatters or more.

    Second deposit was the same amount, but these time I played blackjack, but with the same result, but at one point I had 100$ on my account, but force myself to continue playing and therefore of course lose everything, not the best way to play blackjack, when it paid some money, best way is just left this game. /I rate Yukon gold casino with 7 stars, safe and decent online casino.

  4. Mg offers the best games in the business and this is why I always go with the Mg powered casino. Yukon gold is owned by the Casino Rewards group which Ido not really follow a lot and it is just that they have so many casinos that every once in a while I open a casino and by just looking at the site I find out that they are owned by the Casino Rewards group because they all have the same layout. Well this company thinks a lot about its name and reputation and you can see that most of their complaints have been solved by the management and this is a sign of a good company . I created an account on this casino a while ago and have played here for the free money bonus they have for new players and I have played with a bonus like this before and I loved so I claimed one here too. Got 1000$ for one hour.

    This time I start with the Bj game and here i make the maximum bets because I have all the money in the world. Got the hot streak in the beginning only and was minting money like a machine but then I got cold and the action stopped sadly and I went down for 400$. I moved to TS II looking for something magical to happen but it did not because now i needed like best features to get back into the game and that was not going to happen so fast because slots take their time. I did not lose all the money but I left the casino when my balance was 250 because I did not have a lot of time left and at that moment there was absolutely no use of playing. It would just have been to kill some time.

    It is always fun to play on such bonuses.

  5. Yukon is a territory in Canada which was confessed by a gold fever toward the end of the 19th century. The name of this online casino which kidnaps you to the wild west where although you don’t sift after gold yourself, can leave the casino however also a little more richly in the end than you have entered it follows this event well. /u003E /u003EThe Yukon gold casino is operated by the Microgaming software because the unbeatable game quality of this software convinces me on the new one every time which is a great advantage for the casino sometimes. Another advantage is, to which round-the-clock free either the customer service by e-mail, either telephonic or this you you can live turn chat feature program. /u003E /u003EI will give the Yukon gold casino three of five stars because it on the one hand isn’t sure whether me or you get the Sign-up bonus at all because for this the luck also must be at your side and not as the sum of your first deposit is decisive in other casinos. The remaining bonus program in the Yukon gold casino turns out also rather thin. On the other hand, all the more heavily the great game choice which fells choice is rather disturbing because the differences between the individual games are often obvious only with difficulty.

    Sometimes less just there is more. /u003E /u003EIn my opinion one has good chances a little for profits here in turn. /u003EThe Slots run liquidly and there aren’t any disturbances during the installation or at the game pleasure. /u003E /u003EFairness also becomes here a great Light for the customers, like me find, then, every player gets his heap of free games also here so that tune one can say win everybody also works here, however, lose many as well as it just included. /u003E /u003EBegin is on the one, for me , who wins this stood out and with the game length these go more always wins to this one to the background shift till one . /u003E /u003Ebest regards chris

  6. Yukon Gold was one of my fastest ever casino stays! As those of you, who have read my reviews, dedicated to the Casino Rewards Group, know that I had the obsess to try all the CR member casinos! Well the Yukon Gold was the one in which my stay lasted only a couple of hours! I used their welcome offer u2013 an hour of free play with 1000 credits and the ability to keep up to 100 of your winnings but only if you make a 40 deposit. As it is impossible not to win during this hour (because there is a button Losing?Try again, which can be pressed at any time and which resets the balance and time to its original values!) I soon got 140 $ in my balance! And with that ends the good news and starts the weird ones! Because I maintain so called Gambling Diary, I can turn back in time to almost 99.99 % of the casinos, where I have played and tell you all that make me an impression there. Listen what I have wrote for Yukon Gold casino: u201cThe revenge of the slots!u201d. How to describe in other words the fact that most of the free spins features, I have won both on Thunderstruck II and LOTR, were ending with 0 winnings! Some of you can say that it is impossible, since the software there was Microgaming and they are eCogra certified and I thought exactly the same, but what is true is true and I became so angry that I had broke my mouse, after one of those u201chighly successiveu201d free features ! I contacted their live support to ask whether there was any problem reported but they assured me that everything with the software is ok and it was just a vey bad luck! Well, that is all I can say about them! I am not blaming them for anything except that of not bringing me luck, but this can be used for 90 % of the casinos, right? 🙂 /u003ESo, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores: /u003Eu003Cbu003ESupport: 8/10 /u003ESoftware: 10/10 /u003ESecurity: 8/10 /u003EFinance: 6/10 /u003EBonuses: 5/10 /u003ETermsu0026amp;Conditions: 8/10 /u003E /u003EOverall: Good and safe online casino! u003C/bu003E /u003E /u003EWell that is it from me now:). Thanks to Askgamblers.com for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: u003Cbu003Eu201cYou can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying! u003C/b

  7. Yukon Gold Casino is one of the Casino rewards group of casinos. It is probably the largest group of casinos in the online gambling world which consists of over 30 casinos. What this group is famous about is their very aggressive marketing. I’m a member in almost every casino from this group and I made deposits in about 10 casinos. During these 3 years since I signed up with the first casino from this group I got a number of spam messages on my email probably over 1000, a few every day.Yukon Gold casino as well as the other casinos from the Rewards group of casinos own the E-Cogra certificate, which means that this casino is 100% safe and that this is a casino you can trust.

    The bonus offer with these casinos isn’t bad. The loyalty system is the best from all the casinos that use Microgaming software. You can win a lot of loyalty points playing in these casinos very fast and off course you can cash them in. The cash out process is a bit slower than other Microgaming casinos and that is one of the main reasons that I don’t play here very often. When it comes to the first cash out, like in my case, they can ask for a screen shot of your Skrill account where they can see your name, address and the id number of your deposit ( if you ask for a withdrawal from one of the e-vallets ).

    At the end I got my money after about 10 days which is a big hassle and I think that would be very frustrating for any player. When it comes to their live chat I can say that it’s very good, but one time I got an operator and it was very hard to communicate with him. I don’t know what his native language is but I’m sure it wasn’t English. Overall this is a safe casino but I’m not a fan of Yukon Gold or the Rewards group of casinos.

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