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Spin Palace Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from American Samoa, Antigua and Barbuda, Belgium, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Denmark, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Guam, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Italy, Jersey, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Romania, Réunion, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Taiwan, Turkey, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City!

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  1. Spin Palace Casino,I dont know how they know me ,when i didnt even opened their site or so. So Spin Palace at first was sending me a bunch of emails with bonuses and bonuses and off course i waited till they offer some free spins when I sign up in their casino.So finally they did send 20 free spins on Bust the Bank slot ,if i join their casino,so whenever free spins are for grabs ,i am there. I did downloaded the casino finished the sign up process but when I opened the game ,no, no free spins for me,ok I know ,with this casinos you have to contact the support so they will check your account and then manually add the free spins.So I was given 20 free spins on Bust the bank slot ,with 5 lines active ,which was not bed at all,having 5 active lines with 20 free spins and no deposit,well that was a generous offer by them ,I would say! From those free spins I earned 4.20$ so I changed the game and played Break The Bank again so managed to make another 5 $ and then switched the game again to my favorites Riviera Riches. I dont know why but I just love this game,the music and the bonus round when you play the roulette and you can make some decent sum of money .I played for a while had good time ,but never made a deposit there,dont know why but maybe in the future I will. Or maybe its just because I am not that into Microgaming slots .

    The only thing i have minus for them its to stop sending me emails with their offers ,that is happening every second day,hey Spin Palace thats too much I think !

  2. I don’t like the way they hold the amount and come up with excuses. 48 hours hold and processing and if it’s weekend it will take almost a week. This is way to tease people to reverse the funds and lose it. I find it dishonest.

  3. Well prior to making my deposit, I called the helpdesk in UK and I asked the operator if there were any restrictions on withdrawals if I accepted a bonus and I was told there was none.If there had been a restriction then I would not have made a deposit.Next when I go to make a deposit (unlike other gaming sites at u00a310) their minimum is u00a320.Then I went to make a withdrawal and found I could not.I sent an email to their customer service asking them why I could not make a withdrawal and they said, u0022With regard to your question as to why you are not able to withdraw.When a player receives a bonus, they are required to wager the minimum amount of 30 times the bonus amount before they are able to withdraw.This is known as the wagering requirements.So based on their minimum deposit of u00a320, the bonus is u00a320, you must wager u00a3600 before you can withdraw!!So beware of this site as I was misinformed and that is not good customer service. Everything should be transparent.

  4. I am quite surprised to see Spin Palace on the rogue list. Personally I have not had a single issue at all with withdrawing and over the 3-4 months I have played here all my withdrawals (in total more than 10 times) have come within a 3-5 days period (48 hrs after the reverse withdrawal period ends + another 1-2 days) all straight to my bank account minus the $5 wire transfer fee (personally cheaper for me than at 32red, the other place I play at).So heres my experience at Spin Palace, in somewhat detail – Anyway I started playing online casino’s about 3-4 months ago without knowing anything. I cannot remember why but I chose Spin Palace after reading a list of online casinos and after creating an account and installing the software from their website I thought this must be a joke after seeing the outdated graphics of online casino games lol. So I did not deposit and just forgot about it and online casinos altogether. A few days later I received a call from someone who had an overseas accent asking me why not deposit and he will give me some bonus or something along those lines.

    I told him I was just curious and not really interested but he gave me a bonus anyway (confirmation of a 100% deposit bonus via e-mail). Turns out everyone gets this anyway by depositing so I guess his job was to make me feel special even though he never mentioned anything like wagering requirements hehe. Fast forward to another 1-2 days when I have some free time at night, I saw the e-mail with the bonus and thought what the heck and deposited $20. I had no idea what wagering requirements was or that I had to play like 30x to clear the bonus at under 30% each bet of my deposit. Luckily for me I started playing multiplayer roulette and doubled from $40 to $80.

    At this point I tried to withdraw and then was shocked to realize that I had to clear it by wagering more. Having never played anything at a casino besides roulette before I had a look around the slots (as 100% of slots go towards the wager) and decided to play froot loot (3 reel slots, was easy enough to understand). At $3 a spin I got lucky and hit 2 bars x 3 ($270) + watermelon x 3 ($90) within my first 20-30 spins. My total was now at about $400 or so.So after reading the terms more closely and finding out that the max I can withdraw is x6 my initial deposit ($120) I decided what the heck just play till I eventually drop to $120 and then try and withdraw. Not surprisingly this happened relatively fast on froot loot at $3 a spin and I was actually happy that my balance went from $400 to $120 which cleared my wagering requirements too.

    I then put in a request to withdraw and entered all my banking details. After this I read around spin palace and realized that they did not quite have the greatest reputation so I was kind of hesitant I would see my $120 but my expectation was that I kind of had alot of fun for $20 so it was not a huge loss if I did not get paid. To my surprise I got $115 in my bank in about 4-5 days after withdrawing. I kept half of it and decided to gamble the rest again at Spin Palace. I would end up with something like $200 profit after being up and down and withdrew it – no issues at all.All in all spin palace started my experience in online casinos. For the months of July-October I would only exclusively gamble here. I had great wins the first few months (one time on a deposit of $20 I managed to get to $1000 playing just froot loot + multiplayer roulette however it went back down to $500 after a long run of losts). I only played froot loot and multiplayer roulette during the first few months because I was having great luck on them and did not want to change.I have now moved onto 32red primarily because the last few weeks at spin palace I have not had great luck and overall I am about down $200 there – which I consider fortunate over a 3-4 months period. Still I come back here from time to time to make small deposits. I have never had an issue at all with withdrawing (I am from Australia). I have never even been asked for verification ID (which I did at 32red) although I have never withdrew more than $500 at a single time. Maybe I am fortunate but I consider this casino safe to play at and would recommend it to Australians at least.

  5. Do not play at any casino associated with The Palace Group Casino u0026amp; Poker Brand especially Spin Palace Casino and especially if you are in Australia. /Australian players do not trust Spin Palace Casino. They will gladly accept your money while knowing at the time that there is no chance that they will be paying anything out to you ever. I even asked for just my money back (my $230 wages deposit from Neteller) but they will not even return that let alone giving me the $1000 that I won and is sitting in my account. All they are telling me is that my account is closed and will remain closed. I only opened it up 2 weeks ago and only made 1 deposit ($230) from my Neteller account which is verified and I have been using for ages on many different sites transferring money both ways with no problem.

    Spin Palace Casino let me open up an account and gladly accepted my money yet they are saying now that there is a disputed deposited from months ago to another casino which has nothing to do with me and for that reason they closed my account. Yet they accepted my money and didn’t mention a word of it. And what’s more ridiculous is what they are talking about has nothing to do with me. Australian players do not trust Spin Palace casino at all. I have spoken to their support, their supervisor, their managers but they are just greedy and shifty in a very complex way.

    Would not ever recommend Spin Palace Casino, Ruby Fortune Casino, Cabaret Club Casino, Mummy’s Gold Casino or any casino that is part of the The Palace Group Brand. Do not trust any of these casino’s associated with The Palace Group Casino u0026amp; Poker Brand.

  6. I have played at spin palace loads of times…and to be honest I thought I had already made a review I am surprised that I haven’t already because this is a great place to play. I didn’t get off to a good start to be honest as I was promised free spins as part of my sign up but didn’t get them…but as ever live help were more than willing to assist with my problem and I was credited 20 free spins on gold factory. Now this is not a slot machine I would normally recommend, andI was disappointed when I realized my free spins were set to 1 active payline at 0.01p. Lol. Pointless really, and surprising for a casino such as Spin Palace to offer such a feeble promotion, but my own fault for just assuming all the payline would be active.

    I won a grand total of 0.04p out of my free spins…well at least i didn’t have to worry about a big wagering amount lol. Anyway this was it for my ‘Not a great start’ I just mentioned. From here on I loved it. With such a massive range of slots to choose from you cant go wrong, there is so many I could recommend, and for anyone who has read any of my reviews for micro gaming casinos you will know my favorites are slots like Crocodoplis and Immortal Romance, but before depositing here I had been reading up about slots to try and maximize my chances if winning. This is where I came across a slot called ‘Adventure Palace’.

    This is only a 9 line slot with a minimum bet per line of 0.01p, I used to think any 9 line slot was a waste of time because if you are just betting 9p a spin your not going to be winning the bug bucks..How wrong was I? I started off just placing the minimum bet, if you get 3 free spins symbols you get 15 free spins with a times 3 multiplier, before I knew it I was in profit by u00a320+ then I had four monkey symbols with a wild on a payline and won u00a315.50!! for 9p a spin you cant go wrong. I highly recommend giving this slot a go, if you have never played it before then just to let you know I believe it is called a ‘High Variant’ slot which from my understanding means you may do lots of spins and win nothing but when your win does come in it will be worth it.Anyway my luck just kept rolling here at Spin Palace, I didn’t get to make a withdrawal when I was at my peak with my balance as I hadn’t met the wagering requirements, but as soon as I did I had a nice u00a3115 in my account. I made a withdrawal of u00a390 and left the rest to play. They didn’t ask me fir any documents and the money was in my account and 4 days later, which would have been sooner but I done the withdrawal over the weekend.This casino is very trustworthy, as are the majority of Micro Gaming casinos, but for now, for me, I would definitely rate Spin Palace in my top 10 Micro Gaming of all time. I just hope its stays true to its word.

  7. Have been playing at SpinPalace for about 4 years now… Had spent a lot over the first few years with only one small withdrawal u0026lt;$1000. About a year ago I discovered that I could set a daily deposit limit, which I instantly did! Like any gambling you need to know your limits, and when on a good thing you have to know when to take it and run! Late last year I managed to turn $20 into $20,000. I was really nervous about whether I would receive the funds, I’d read so many horror stories about this and other online casinos, but after verifying my details the funds were deposited to my visa debit card within about 5 days. I don’t mind waiting a week as long as I know the money is real, and is going to be in my bank.

    Unlike some other casinos not related to the Palace Group, I find the support fast and usually really friendly (almost so friendly it feels dodgy lol). But all in all I really do enjoy Spinpalace!I often wonder about people who leave bad reviews, yes, playthrough amounts can be annoying and sometimes take forever, but it’s not impossible. Patience is the key, and depositing in smaller increments. Back in March I also withdrew $30k I built up off $10. So you can win, but I guess also be prepared to take big hits and risks.

  8. Great casino for slots – best Microgaming casino I have played at.Many withdrawal options. Support are always willing to provide a bonus – gotta love that.

  9. -Large selection of games, but perhaps too many to guess which one will be in a good mood to pay! /-I have had payouts and received the money once the documents were approved.

  10. I’d like to share with everyone else how extremely well my experience how’s been with spin palace and the second to none customer support I have received each time I look for help, withdrawal was easy and encountered no problems, hands down the best site and would redeemed it to anyone. Just cashed out $25,000 and had it in my account within 3 days.

  11. Bonus playthrough is ridiculous if you accept the $400 match bonus your playthrough is a whopping $20000 also if you like to place sports bets they will hold your withdrawals for slots as well. If you accept any match bonus or even ylif you cash your loyalty points this all requires playthrough of 50x what they give you. What’s the point in loyalty points if they are going to make you spin through 50x again if you want to withdraw. Also my first payout took almost 3 weeks after my initial request and this was after they had approved all my documentation. Last and not least very poor customer service they will not allow you to speak with anyone with authority when something goes wrong so you are at the mercy of very poorly trained customer service.

    I’d walk away from this place I requested my data be removed from the site and am still currently getting the runaround from them.

  12. This casino is not one I would recommend. Withdrawals stay pending in your account for a ridiculous time and take too long to reach your account, you must spend thousands before you get a win over $500, if your lucky. Support team are rude, and this casino give nothing in return to their players, no matter the thousands you may deposit.

  13. I have played with this casino for a while and used a card with two different names on it to deposit and never had anyone asked any questions until I finally got the chance to withdraw a win which mind you don’t come around too often! It was a 24 hour MINIMUM pending period when you can reverse your withdrawal until they consider to take any action, to which they sent me a letter after 24 hours to say credit card mismatch so I finally had to provide documents to show that I was allowed to use the cards which is ridiculous as it should have happened when I made a first deposit with it, but no they only care about the money they have to give back of course. So I sent through these documents, which is a 24 to 96 hour approval period, and than all of a sudden I couldn’t log into my account and get an email saying that the site is undergoing maintenance and will be back, such a coincidence it happens at the time of my withdrawal, and I have yet to get my money after 10 days never again after this.

  14. I have cashed out many times from here without a problem. They have ok games that you can gain money from betting small but like any casino. Bet big win big. I will always play here. Money in 3 days after withdrawal.

  15. This casino was founded in 2001 and runs on the Microgaming software. I think that some time ago Spin Palace was on the black list of casinos here at AskGamblers. I am glad that now is not on this list and that is rated with a good average grade.Although so far I’ve never had a withdrawal here, I think this is safe casino because has eCogra certificate. Not only that I never had a withdrawal here but also I never had a deposit at Spin Palace.The last time I played here was when I got 15 free spins by the casino on Gold Factory game. I was a bit disappointed when I noticed that these free spins are on only 30 pay-lines of the 50 that Gold Factory has.

    But, I came to the bonus round where I won 4.5 euros and the total of these 15 free spins I cashed 06.06 euros bonus money. I contacted live chat support to ask for the wagering requirements. The wagering requirements for this free spins bonus were 30 x the bonus, in other words around 180 euros. I was a little surprised by that fact. Surprised because the wagering requirements for the deposit bonus at this casino are 50 x bonus.

    It is somewhat unusual that they be lower for the no deposit bonus. I even succeeded to fulfill all the wagering requirements and to have 76 euros in balance, thanks to some decent wins first to Kathmandu and then on the Twister and at the end on the Elementals slot game. But the greed overcomes the mind and soon after a short time, I lost all this money on just one slot game called Cashanova. I felt really stupid and I was mad at myself because I could withdraw 76 euros but instead of that I have not withdrawn anything. I believe that the Spin Palace is a safe casino and for him I give 7 out of possible 10 stars.

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