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Players Palace Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from Angola, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos [Keeling] Islands, Comoros, Congo – Brazzaville, Congo – Brazzaville, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Micronesia, France, Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Maldives, Mayotte, Myanmar [Burma], Nauru, Niger, Niue, Norfolk Island, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Spain, South Africa, Syria, Tajikistan, Uganda, United States, Western Sahara, Dominica, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Palau, Pitcairn Islands, North Korea, Afghanistan, Congo – Kinshasa, Côte d’Ivoire, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guam, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Italy, Kiribati, Nigeria, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Somalia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom!

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  1. Players Palace casino is a casino that I’ve recently played in, and whom is powered by my favorite software, Microgaming. /This casino doesn’t offer phone version of the game, but If you are a flash player like me, that’s not an issue.The registration didn’t take long at all, I was finished in a flash. I did have to wait 24 hours to get my deposit though, even though I found out that the bonus was instant. /I didn’t mind waiting 24 hours to be honest, I had to wait longer to register in some other casinos, so that’s not an issue. /This Casino is very good for all those who like Microgaming, but aside from that I can’t really find any other reason why this casino is the casino for you. I didn’t even play any of the slots I usually play on Microgaming, instead I went ahead and played blackjack for well over 2 hours winning some and losing some. /My most notable win was about 50$, which at the time doubled the money I had on my account. /I always find blackjack rewarding if you play it smart, but then again, it’s very dangerous as you can lose your money really fast as well.I never have those kinds of issues, because I like gambling on blackjack as it can be, when it works, very very rewarding. /On the other side, I contacted their chat while I was testing out, just so I’d see how they respond. /They were very happy to answer any questions I’ve had, and it was very fast too.Honestly, when I’m looking for a casino, it has to be the right software, right bonuses, and the right chat support and this was one of those casinos, however I don’t believe I’ll be coming back to this casino. /The software works, the chat works, everything is fine, and you should give it a go! 7/10

  2. I have played with almost all the casinos that are registered under Casino Rewards which is undoubtedly the biggest casino group online with more than 25 casinos registered with them and I have played with more than 15 and players palace is one of them. I came to know about this casino room indirectly through this site because a friend of mine who has been associated with ask gamblers for a very long time joined this casino room after inquiring about it on this site. And after he had joined he was quite content so he referred me as well and that is how I came to know about this casino. They are supported by Micro gaming one of the worlds largest and most trusted brands in online gaming industry. They gave me a 500% match up bonus which I was very excited about because most of the casinos out there only have 100% match up bonus to offer to their new users.

    The bonus is very nice and tempting but the wagering requirements are also very hard. And I could not meet the wagering requirements with this casino room unfortunately. But whilst I was trying to meet the wagering requirements I was grinding for very long sessions and this really improved my game may be I lost the bonus but won some decent amount of money after that because I was aware of the dos and donts of this casino room. So eventually I made money 5 times to my deposit so not very sad about not being able to cash out the free bonus. I loved the Immortal romance slots and Mega moolah.

    They ask for verification before withdrawal but that does not extend the whole process at all which is really cool because no one wants to keep waiting for their money to come. /Altogether this is a very decent casino room with a very good return on slot games.

  3. Players Palace casino was recently added to but is already well known to me. I joined this casino some months ago as it was part of my plan to join and play in all the casino members of the famous Casino Rewards group! As the most of the casinos there its main welcome offer was an hour of free play with 200 free credits for that purpose. You can keep up to credits above those 2000 free but only if you make a small deposit for 20. Actually there is no way to miss those 100 free because during the hour of free play there is a button called u201dLosing?Try againu201d and once it is pressed both the timer and the money are set in the position they were in the beginning! It is a brilliant marketing idea, I must admit it! My play there was nothing remarkable and after losing my initial deposit plus the welcome bonus credits actually I was on my way to move to the next casino. I decided to give it a last chance and made a deposit for 150$ and although the support immediately offered me 30 free as a bonus and thought that I don’t have time for wagering bonuses and declined it.

    This time my focus was on the 9 lines slots and I decided to try Thunderstruck I. The result was zero, so moved to Ladies Nite. Again the same situation, than moved to Kathmandu and there I won at 0.45 bet 8 times free spins feature in a row! Not bad at all u2013 deposits for 170$ and 310$ at the end! And than was the first time I had a conflict with the support! I have mentioned several time while reviewing Casino Rewards group casinos that their main disadvantage was the 48 hours pending period! Although this is way to low than the all these scams RTG’s and Rival’s I thought that as a player who is more than loyal to this group I deserve special attention and treat and insisted on short timeframes! All they answered me was a kind NO. The reason was that although I had deposited in the casinos of the CR group more than 15000$ I cannot be treated as VIP, because the deposits were scattered across all the casinos instead of one! Stupid logic, but as you all know the main trouble with the casinos is the fact that their decisions are always the last ones! You can argue as much as you want, at the end they always do what they want to! /u003ESo, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores: /u003Eu003Cbu003ESupport: 8/10 /u003ESoftware: 10/10 /u003ESecurity: 9/10 /u003EFinance: 6/10 /u003EBonuses: 5/10 /u003ETermsu0026amp;Conditions: 8/10 /u003E /u003EOverall: Good and safe online casino! u003C/bu003E /u003E /u003EWell that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: u003Cbu003Eu201cYou can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying! u003C/b

  4. /I was excited when I saw they letter on my junk folder because the subject was 2000 euro free play, I hoped it is a Microgaming promotion and when I opened I realized they are a Microgaming casino with Casino Rewards affiliate group. It means they are my absolute favourite casino affiliate. They are allowed all the new customers to try their welcome bonuses all of their member casinos, not like the Vegas partner group. They was every time nice and fair to me, I went to check the bonus conditions and found every relevant information what I want. They offers 2000 euro for 60 minutes to play, I can transfer up to 100 euro to my real balance after I deposited minimum 20 euro and the wagering requirements was the usually casino rewards 30 times.

    Of course you can play with the free play promotion until you can take the maximum bonus because you can restart your free hour any times.I downloaded and installed the casino and I started my free play, it was quick because in the first 15 minutes I was able to transfer 100 euro to my balance, because the Alaskan fishing was in a good condition. /After I played down my bonus I went to the cashier to make a deposit from 20 via by my Neteller. I get my deposit and bonus instantly. I decided to try the Alaskan fishing because it was gives some huge winnings in the free play. I had 120 euro so I played on high stakes, I played 1.20 euro on it. /When I lost almost the half of my money I decided to choose another one, which was the mad hatters with the same 1.20 euro bet.

    Unfortunately I lost my balance before I was close to the wagering. I deposited to them a few times, but I never had a cash out from them. /Thank you!

  5. I never knew that Players Palace casino was part of Casino Rewards until I deposited here a month or two ago. For some reason I thought they were part of Fortune Lounge, don’t know where I got that from but I do always get this one confused with Spin Palace too! Anyway, it was a Microgaming casino I hadn’t deposited in and as I have recently started liking Casino Rewards I thought I may as well give them a try. /u003E /u003EOut of choice I normally play on the flash casinos, especially now I play on my ipad but for a change I downloaded the software and played here on my laptop. I fancied a wider selection of games and the download can definitely offer you that. As standard with Casino Rewards you have to wait for your bonus to be applied. Players Palace do offer a free play promotion of u00a32000 no deposit required, but I never normally take part in these promotions because I think they are a waste of time and you normally got to deposit quite a bit to claim your winnings, but if you do enjoy those promotions then you can definitely give it a good go here. /u003E /u003EI waited about 2 hours and my bonus was ready for me to redeem through Casino Rewards.

    I had noticed the new Multiplayer Platform slots at a few casinos but never actually given them a proper go before, I had played them but hadn’t devoted my time to them. For some reason I just decided here that I was going to go for it, I was dedicating my u00a340 bankroll to ‘Multiplayer Avalon’ and boy am I glad I did!!! If you have never played the multiplayer slots before then basically you enter a room where there are four other players, also playing Avalon, and basically you hold all your hopes on the free spins to get you the big money. The free spins are randomly triggered and everyone in that room gets them at the same time. Your spins in between help you build a multiplayer which is then applied during the free spins, the more you spin and the faster you spin then higher the multiplier. But be careful because you could have a massive multiplier and if you don’t spin for literally 20 seconds you loose it and have to start off from zero again.

    The only downfall is it is a minimum of u00a31 per spin. Lady Luck was definitely on my side this day…the free spins were coming in regularly for all of us and my balance was slowly creeping its way up. As it did, I increased my bet after every set of free spins, before I knew it my balance was over u00a31000 and I was betting u00a325 a spin. My best single spin I had 5 gold treasure boxes on a win line…I had u00a31000 for it!! Couldn’t believe it..I had never won this kind of money before. But that’s when I started getting greedy.

    As I was going along I was withdrawing what I could …at my peak I had u00a35000 in my pending withdrawals but that’s when things went wrong. I got so addicted to it I started reversing my withdrawals…and Avalon starting eating my money like there was no tomorrow…before I knew it I was chasing my losses. I hate to admit it but I ended up reversing u00a34000 leaving myself with a withdrawal of u00a31000 and whilst I was chuffed when I received that in my bank it’s also a bit gut wrenching to think I just blew u00a34000. But it still turned out to be a very good day for me indeed. /u003E /u003EI had no problems at all in receiving my money. I had to verify my identity because the withdrawal was u00a31000, it took a few days for them to do this but they stuck to their end of the deal and paid me my winnings. This is definitely one of my most profitable casino experiences of all time.

  6. Players palace casino is one more casino by Microgaming from casino rewards. Yeah, Casino Rewards had a lot of casino, you should know it. But they all good, so I try many of them, why not? If casino good and give bonuses, one not to made deposit and try to win something amazing and also entertain yourself. I deposit 30$, and with their free play bonus I got 200% bonus, that give me 90$ balance and opportunity to bet even 1$-1.25$ per bet. So I start with some new slots for me like leagues of fortune and loaded.

    Both don’t give me anything really decent, but I didn’t lost much, just about 15-20$. So I enter supe it up, and start betting 1.50$ with hope to get feature. I get feature and also retrig for 25 more spins, and this all with incredible 6x multiply. I finish with 500$ win, and 550$ total balance. I think this is really cool, and try karate pig around 1.8$ bet.

    Nothing good there, but left with 500$ and had about 300 to wager. I finish wager in Dolphin coast, with 520$, and made all 520$ cash outs, decided that i should not leave any money, better I made deposit in another Casino Rewards casino with bonus. I made cash out, and in 3 days it comes to me. No documents needed, as I already had verified account in another Casino Rewards casino. I always prefer to choose another casino and take welcome bonus, I love to play new casinos, I test them, and if I like casino, I will deposit again, if i don’t like, I add them to my no play list.

    Everything on their side, they should work good.Here is a marks: /Site: 8/10 /software: 9/10 , its Microgaming, and it have lots of entertainment for us /Support: 9/10 , their support always nice, I mean casino rewards /bonuses: 9/10 nice free play bonus for first deposit, I love it! /cashouts: 8/10 3 days, no more, like always, and I like it

  7. I want to say that I like this kind of casinos because of the quality Microgaming games but also because they are part of the Casino Rewards Group, so it is safe to play here and also a good opportunity to have fun and maybe to win something! Their website is simple but very good because contains all the information that you need, details about sign up bonus, payment options and contact details. I downloaded the casino software because they don’t have an instant play version of the casino, I created my account and I checked their promotions but I was disappointed when I saw that they only have a 2000$ free play bonus for one hour.I decided to not take this bonus and to deposit 20$ to test the casino, the payout rate of the games more precisely. The deposit options are very wide, but I chose to deposit via Skrill because this is the method that I am using every time when I am playing slots. I opened The Finer Reels of Life slot, I set the bet to 0.30$ and I started to spin, thinking that maybe I will manage to make a small profit. The game paid well, I caught the free spins feature very fast, 10 free spins with 5 x multiplier that paid me 17$.

    About 1 hour later my account balance was showing 55$ and I decided to stop playing and to request a withdrawal!Overall I have to say that it was a nice and interesting experience because I played without a bonus, I will give 9 for the Microgaming games!The payment methods will receive another 9, I don’t think that something is missing!

  8. I joined Players Palace Casino two or maybe three months ago. I received promotion letter by post from Casino Rewards Group for 100% welcome bonus and 50 free spins on Mega Moolah. In this letter there were a few casinos were I could claim this bonus, but I decided for this one. I don’t know why, maybe because I needed to create new account and enter sign up code for this bonus.After I registered, I made deposit of 25u20ac. This was also the minimum deposit to claim welcome bonus.

    After I made it, I received two bonus money. First was of match deposit and the second for free spins. At the beginning I used free spins first, but I had no luck on them and I won only a little amount. Later I decided to try out some other games from Microgaming software providers. I played around half an hour and later got busted.

    I reached zero on my balance. I think this casino is ok. I trust them, because I already have some successful withdrawals from casinos which belongs to Casino Rewards Group. I don’t play a lot of time at this casinos, maybe sometimes when I received some nice offer or if I find good bonuses.Otherwise I had nice time while I was playing. I was hoping that I will have more luck and I’ll meet the W.R of bonuses, but unfortunately this did not happen.

    They run live chat support, which I think is very important to all players. I recommend this casino to all new players. The welcome bonus is good, so as W.R. But for any other reload bonuses, I believe there out is better Microgaming casinos.

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