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OK Online Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from United States, Canada, United Kingdom!

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  1. Hello everyone! I do not know if you read my last reviews, but this month I have decided to try one casino each day. Well, today on my list of casinos I stumbled upon this casino: OK Online Casino. I never heard of it but thought it was worth a shot because of its high grade (8.0). I hope the casino is going to be at least OK.Following from my research online, the casino is pretty safe. It has games powered by Ever88 Entertainment, about which I do not really know much about this software.

    The casino’s website looks pretty nice (maybe a bit too orange). The casino can be played through Flash (so instantly), by downloading their software and from your IPhone.They have many bonuses. One of them is the no deposit bonus, which gives you 20$ without any deposit. The maximum amount that you can withdraw in this case is 50$, with wagering requirements of 40x. They also have a first deposit bonus, which gives you 300% free, which I think is a lot.

    In this case the wagering requirements are 15x, which is better than most of the casinos.So I downloaded the software, since I always have some issues when playing on the website. Also, they have only 2 slots on their website. I asked the help of a support team employee and she was very friendly and useful and solved my problem in a matter of minutes. I played Atlantis for half an hour, until I lost all my money.My conclusion is that this casino is not the best one that I have seen, but still it is an OK casino. My ratings are as follows: /Software: 7/10 Ever88 Entertainment /Bonuses 9/10 /Support: 9/10 /Cashouts: I do not know

  2. I have come across this casino loads of times but just haven’t been bothered to register here as I am not familiar with the software it is powered by which is Ever88 Entertainment. At the moment the casino is offering all new players who sign up u00a320 free no deposit required and this is instant upon registration, although if you do have any Free Money Codes you can also redeem these in their cashier. Their free u00a320 has a maximum cash out of u00a350 and needs to be wagered 40 times. To be honest I was expecting this to be a complete waste of time and it kind of was but in a weird way I enjoyed it too! Why do I always like stupid slots? I always ask myself that question lol. /u003E /u003EJust to let you know if you are only planning on playing here via their flash player, and are only interested in slots, then don’t bother because you can only play 2 different ones. I started on the flash and spent a tenner on Atlantis which is a 25 line slot with a minimum bet per line of 1p.

    I got bored after about ten minutes though so downloaded their software. It doesn’t work on Linux operating system surprise surprise so had to load up my very slow Windows. To be fair though the software actually runs quite smoothly on Windows. /u003E /u003EThere isn’t a massive selection of slots to choose from and a lot of them are 8 and 9 lines which I don’t play they have a very small number of slots with 15+ lines and they ones they do have do not contain free spins or your average bonus rounds. I found one that does though called ‘Gold Cup Sweepstakes’ which is a 20 line slot again with a minimum bet per line of 1p. In order to get the bonus round you have to collect 4 horseshoes, the first 3 I had collected after about 10 spins, it then took me ages for the 4th one to come in….I thought this bonus better be good…..I won u00a32 lol.

    For some reason though I actually like this slot, I honestly cant give a valid reason why though. I never thought the bonus would come in…you can imagine..I nearly fell off my chair when it actually did..and I won u00a32.40! Whoop Whoop. Anyway I spent all my time on this 1 slot till my balance was eventually zero, I had earned 13 loyalty points but you need at least 25 to convert to cash, I don’t know how much this would get you mind!! /u003E /u003EI would never deposit here and I don’t recommend that anyone else does but if I happen to find any free codes I can redeem then I definitely win…but in all seriousness this place is just a bit of fun!

  3. OK online casino is the weirdest casino and has all new games and i think it is their own software because i have never heard about these games or seen on any other casino. The instant play mode was not working i tried my best to make it work because i id not want to waste time in downloading and all but it just did not work. So in the end i had no other option and i had to download their casino software. And when i saw their software i was blown i mean i can make a better casino than this one seriously. They gave three options to download the portal and all of them had different versions and every upgraded version would take more time in downloading as it was clearly mentioned below each version of the software.

    I chose the worst one because that would take the least time to download. And it was written that it would take 9 minutes but it took more than that and i was not shocked. After all the formalities i got 20$ in my account which to my shock given to me by default. At least they have something good.They had casino card war and i thought this is the same one as the /rival gaming casinos have so i opened this game. But i could not play because as soon as i hit deal a message came that your wager exceeds your funds click to make a deposit so closed this game.

    Then i try to open martial landing. I must say that the loading was quick here which i did not expect from them . I bet max which was 0.40$ on one spin and then soon hit the octopus kin of thing and it paid me 0.25$. Their slots are really very weird and slow. I was getting the features but did not understand what was it and what actually was happening.

    SO just quit this casino.

  4. Maybe I’m just a purist but it’s probably the worst software provider with the worst games I’ve ever seen. Their slots were kind of dull. I checked every pay table and it seems none of their slots offer a bonus round or free spins, also they don’t autoplay options in the slots games. I decided to double check with customer service in Live Chat to find out which games offered bonus rounds. They didn’t know that one .

    Their games have different names but basically the same look and feel. In other online casinos they change the look of the entire window for each game. Here they just change the basic graphics inside the slots machine but the game itself is the same. I guess that’s not so bad, but it is a tad boring. I’ve been thinking about the best way to describe their games and I think I have it.

    Say you have a car lot but you only sell one car and one model, a Volkswagen Beetle for example, and then say you put different stickers on the back window and bumper of each car. The cars are all identical, same color same maker same model, yet you insist they are all different because they have different stickers on the back window and bumper. That is how I feel about their games. /You also can’t see the game history which is a pity and hurts them on my grading scale. The customer service was hassle,I contacted them and it took over 30 minutes to get a response from their Live Chat. I don’t understand why it takes so long for their Live Chat to respond.

    It should be 5 minutes maximum u2013 not an average of 1/2 hour minimum.Overall: Nothing spectacular compared to other casinos. Basically they come off as cheap. I give them a 5/10

  5. I became a member of OK Online Casino when I was hunger for something different on the casino world and when I saw this casino is run by Ever88 Ent. And it uses its own software I thought that’s my turn to explore it. I’ve never had any connection with this gambling group before and hadn’t any real great expectations, I was just curious about them. I signed up and deposited some without any problem. The Lobby is sweet and I liked its simplicity.

    Nothing extra features are there but the main functionalities are easy to access and use. One thing I really missed u2013 the game history menu. I can’t understand why this is not a standard formula on every casino platform. Unfortunately, I had several problems with loading games. Sometimes it wasn’t just not starting but interrupted the connection with the server and shut down the whole casino software.

    I know Ever88 is not among the leading software manufacturers but I found their games repertoire is very limited, but my major issue with the games is their quality of graphics. The slots I played with have only average artistic design at best. I didn’t find too much well-drawn, executed ones or great characters, symbols. They seemed to me a little bit one-sided creatures that designed all in the same manner. From this perspective maybe their Roulette game I liked the most but its minimal stake policy (u20ac5) is too high for my taste.

    In addition, the slots named Man of Mistery and Golden Goal are seemed to me pleasant games. I’m sorry to say that but at the end of my introductory session at OK Online I was a little disappointed. Not because I had no luck or other little strange things (like only one withdrawal request is allowed without fee in a single calendar month, all other have a u20ac14! Service fee), but I haven’t seen anything here that fascinated me or left the desire in me to return.

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