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There are two new customer offers at Mansion: the 100% up to €500 bonus with a 20-fold wagering requirement for players who want to try the casino for the first time, and the 50% up to €5000 Highroller bonus with a 15-fold wagering requirement for players who want to go the extra mile. There are also lots of special promotions, reload bonuses and cash back that can be claimed on a regular basis.

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  1. Powered from the land of England and they are supported by the very famous play tech software which means amazing games and a very nice return to the players. They have a 100% welcome bonus on the very first deposit you do on their casino site . Gladiator is the most famous and nice game from the play tech platform and i always play this game and have a lot of fun. This was the first time i played gold /rally and i was not getting any luck on this game as did not hit any feature or free spins and even with low bets lost a lot of money on spins and earned nothing out of this game. I like the marvel slots a lot from this platform and i mist say that this game has been very consistent and has always kept me happy and i have always won with this slot.

    The best thing is the weekly reload bonus because most of the casinos give a monthly reload bonus and i do not even play for so long on a single casino and they had a weekly reload bonus which i liked a lot. My biggest single spin was 30 $ and this is my all time highest in a single spin and i was very happy to have won this. I like he games from play tech a lot and now i am playing with a lot of casinos from this platform and loving it. I did not like the support team and they were very slow and they were taking a lot of time in withdrawal process to help me and i think this is a very loose point of this casino site and i did not like this and was very disappointed from them. I would rate this casino 8.5 out of 10.

  2. A year ago I found an exclusive no deposit promotion from them, they offered ten euro to the new players. They uses playtech software, I like them progressive slots so I decided to register to them. I downloaded the casino through the special banner and after I registered to them and logged in I get my money instantly. At the forum where I found the promotion they didn’t share the wagering requirements the only details what I saw that was the max cash out 200 euro and I needed to make a minimum deposit before I can withdraw.I get my no deposit money instantly than I went to the live support and asked she to tell me more about from the bonus, like wagering requirements etc. She was helpful and informed me the play through requirements are 70 times.

    After I knew every important from the free money I went to the slots and started to play with the penguin vacation with 1 euro stakes.That machine is one of my favourite on playtech, the wild structure and the free spins are amazing. Before I spin my last credit I get the free games, after the ten spins I went up to 57 euro. I decided to raise a limit to 2 euro because I remember the turn over requirements are high. When I reached the 20 euro I decided to play with the iron man slot with lower bets, 1 euro.Unfortunately I wasn’t able to win because that slot wasn’t give me any higher winnings than my stakes. Finally I didn’t made my turn over but I had a great entertainment, and I really enjoyed it.

    I didn’t deposited them because they match bonuses aren’t the best but if they offers a new no deposit bonus to existing players I will try it.

  3. Before making a deposit I decided to try the casino games for fun, but one thing I do not understand why you can’t play for fun and real with the same account? Actually, you can have 2 accounts u2013 a play for fun account and a play for real account. So I registered to two accounts at the casino.I started with the slots. Their slots are well designed. Each slot has its own theme. I like that.

    I have a real thing against slots that are all the same machine and a few graphics changed from slot to slot. It’s lazy design to me and I think the player deserves more. So, in this regard Playtech has done quite well. A few slots have a nice bonus rounds, I love Plaaytech slots and bonus rounds, sometimes they are more fun than a good win. Ok, maybe that’s taking it too far, but I still love their bonus rounds.

    The payoffs are ok. I’ve had some nice wins playing: fantastic four, frankie dettories magic seven and the discovery,the biggest win I had playing alchemist lab,I got a bonus round (The bonus round gives you the chance of making gold), but as I was playing for fun I took larger risks thanI would if it was my money. Overall I like their slots a lot. After slots I wandered around the casino a bit, playing a hand of multi-player baccarat, war, poker, and blackjack. I would have liked to try their live dealer games, but they are only available for the play for real players, also the same goes for the progressives.

    I played for about one hour and had a lot of nice wins. The highest I got over my original balance was u20ac1000. Unfortunately I was playing for fun.Overall: What can I say? The bonuses are good and the whole Mansion casino seems like a very fun and I give it a 8/10

  4. Back to 2012, When i played Mansion casino powered by Playtech they offered me a welcome bonus after i clicked the live chat and waited 5 minutes it’s bothering, i asked their representative about their welcome bonus offer and said that when i claimed it they will double my money with a 100% welcome bonus on my first deposit up to $500 i asked another question about what is the minimum deposit from that bonus offer 100% he/she said that he said that $50 is the minimum but unfortunately the money at that time that i only intended is $20 to $30 and i am not qualified for their welcome offered so i decided not to claim their welcome offer instead deposited the $20 with no bonus or offered involved. I deposited the $20 via my neteller payment processor and when it is done i 2 different kinds of casino games first is video slot and the second is american roulette. The video slot that i played named u0022Gold Rallyu0022 a 3 reel, 8 paylines, with bonus rounds and also fixed coin size of $2.00 the scale symbol is scatter and pays 5x -200xyour bet 5-9 scatters and also the 4 dynamites in all corners that i didn’t got. I bet $1 per spin maximum of 8 lines and if you converted it into spins i only got 20 spins. The spinning started my hands is shaking because of nervous all i want is a lucky spin to win some cash…….

    Suddenly when my hands turns to sweat and i hit the 7 scatters WOOOOHoooo!! times 50x i got $10 to play with that slot so i got $52 i decided to withdraw the credits because i want to claimed their offer i ask their representative how long does it takes and because i am a new player it will take 2-3 days to processed after that i received the withdrawal i asked if i can deposited and claim their offer welcome offer they said that i can’t receive the offered because i deposited for first deposit. Thats why i rated this casino fragmented remarked.Support 6/10 because of bothering long waiting 🙁 /Finance 8/10 /Security 7/10 /Game8/10 /Software 8/10 /Terms and conditions 8/10Over all 8/10

  5. Absolutely ridiculous to try and withdraw winnings from these thieves. They claim that they want to keep your account secure but if that was the case they would surely do this when depositing. When trying to close the account the livechat advisor was unhelpful and rude. Please do not waste your time or money on these clowns 0/100.

  6. I’ve played a few times and won and withdrawn small amounts without ever being asked for ID. They paid in 5 days.

  7. This casino uses Playtech software. Playtech slot games are the best according to me and I am a member of almost all online casinos that offer games from this software provider. Mansion Casino is a part of a large group of casinos u2013 Mansion Group Casinos. When it comes to casinos from this group my favorite, and the first Playtech casino I joined is had a big number of deposits and withdrawals here and I didn’t have any problems with them. In Mansion casino I had only one deposit but I can say a lot about this casino and this group of casinos.

    I think that the casinos that belong to this group have the best and fastest live chat support from all Playtech casinos. When someone who has accounts in all Playtech casinos tells you that, you have to believe him. A lot of Playtech casinos have a slow and bad live chat support. But that’s not the case with this casino. I am used to lets say some Microgaming casinos having a good live chat support.

    But I think that Mansion and the rest of the casinos from this group have a better and faster live chat support than any other Microgaming casino. The bonus offer is also very good. If you are a depositor in Mansion casino you can expect some no deposit offers from time to time. Beside the no deposit bonuses you will be offered a number of deposit bonuses. I am very pleased with the treatment I have in this casino.

    They really take care of their customers. If you ask me the Mansion Group Casinos are the best group of casinos when it comes to Playtech casinos.

  8. Hi everyone! Mansion casino…a multi-million dollar name, just like what it would take to buy and own a real mansion. This is one of the earliest Playtech casinos to come online, about the same time as Omni Casino, Winner Casino, probably including Club Gold Casino too, amongst others. For me, I signed up at these casinos all at about the same time during my earlier days of online gaming. That was more than 12 years ago! So these are well established casinos beyond any doubt. /u003E /u003EWhat attracted me to Mansion Casino was none other than for its no-deposit bonus. How much they were giving out at that time I just can’t remember.

    Anyway, I don’t keep track of free bonuses amount, I just grabbed them and kept track of what and where I have taken! 🙂 If that wasn’t enough, I had the cheek to come back for a second helping! Not using the same registered account or course, but by opening a second account at the casino, using a different address and different name. Being so ignorant at that time, all I cared about was to grab all no-deposit bonuses available so that I could play with free real money. No depositing at all involved, just wanting to play for free and getting to know the various casinos. It worked well enough, until I ran out of free bonuses to grab! And this is when I started looking for trouble! 🙂 /u003E /u003EThe second account escaped notice, but when I tried to open a third account, for a third helping of that lovely no-deposit bonus, I was caught red-handed! So to speak! Geeees! Luckily it was only an online casino! I escaped without being thrown out unto the dirt by a security guard, hehehe. Nonetheless, that third account was automatically locked, followed by the other two accounts that were previously okay.

    So all three accounts got locked and I have no other choice but to abandon them altogether. Eventually, I requested for all three accounts to be closed, because by then, I had realised my mistake and I didn’t want to create anymore unnecessary trouble. /u003E /u003EMany many years later, I tried to reactivate my original account by writing in to the casino’s support, citing my previous ignorant errors, and that I would like to start afresh as a depositing member. My request was fortunately accepted, they would reactivate and unlock my original account and I was told to login into it, but alas, records of my accounts had all been deleted away years ago. I couldn’t recall my username, much less the password, so I informed support that I couldn’t do login. My luck ran out.

    The casino’s support was not able to help out any further, for one reason or another, so I was kept locked out of Mansion Casino to this very day! A bitter lesson learned for me! 🙁 /u003E /u003EAfi

  9. I am played at mansion only poker long time. I am just know that their management are good, cashouts ok, and everything looks excellent. When played poker never had problems with them, and also win some money that cashout without problems. When i decided to play casinos i am also start playing on mansion casino. I am just made my first deposit using moneybookers( I always use moneybookers or webmoney, this both payment option are very good for me).

    I receive a bonus on deposit 100% with 40x wager. Not pretty good, but ok too ;)I decided to play some new game, to have new feelings. I downloaded Haloween fortune(boo, did you scary?), and start playing. It has interesting feature when you hit bonus symbol on first and last reel. You should choose witch, that will be make potion.

    And thenyou will receive free spins and multiplier. I play 1$ per spin , and on bonus receive 15 games with 7x bonus. Very very sweet and nice. Received on free games about 200$, and in about 3 or 4 hours of hard playing with bonuses and nice hits i am clear my bonus and made cashout of 280$. After one day i received message that should send docs, i dont know why, because my poker account with them was fully verified, but ok, i send it.

    And in about 24 hours a guy from their support call on my phone, ask some details(birth date, zip code, city, etc). And after it say that everything fine, and my documents approved. I ask when i receive money, and they answer that in 24 hours. I receive money in 8 hours ;))) So i can say that mansion casino is reputable and very good casino. I have no any problems with them, good software, good slots, good time of approve documents, good time for cashouts. A+ casino 😉 Recommend to play there every player 🙂

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