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Jupiter Club Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Romania, South Africa, United Kingdom!

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  1. Before I go further there are some solid people on the support team for Grand Prive, actually only 3, Donovan, Jasmine, and Paul is iffy, the rest lie and manipulate with their power, take it for its worth, but here’s my VH1 the real story of Ian VS Support. My first ever Betonsoft deposit was Big Dollar Casino, I liked the software, it was a good change to RTG, new games I had never seen. My first deposit was on November 2nd or 3rd because it was around midnight. At the time they had a promo you got 3 welcome bonuses (Match Bonuses) and then you get $20, the other reason I remember this day is because it was the last time I was at my grandparents house, my grandmother had just broken her hip, and hurt her knee, and back, she was bed stricken on a hospital bed in the family room, and she sometimes needs help getting up to get to her walker to get to the bathroom and eat, on this day my grandfather who usually helps had to go to the hospital to see if his cancer flared back up and if it was malignant or not. /I ended up depositing 3 times that day, got my matches, and then my bonus money and lost it all within a day or so but had fun.

    My Birthday is November 7th, so I asked support on my birthday if they have a birthday promotion for depositors, I was told no. I keep playing there and on December 1st around 8- 9 am I got email, you are eligible for a free $20 chip during your birthday month. I w ent to support, and they said there is nothing they can do, it’s December, after a back and forth to put it lightly I got 10 free spins on Bucksy Malone for 1 cent 1 coin per line, so 4.00 in free spins, no $20 chip. Now I have said this before, if a casino pisses me off, lies to me or screws me over I move on, and take action. I stopped depositing at Big Dollar for months until they teamed up with Villa Fortuna for that medals promo, coincidently I found out on chat that if I verified my phone number I’d get free spins on villa and BS Dollar casino, I ended up getting them.That weekend I deposit at Villa Fortuna for the 1st medals promo they ran, around 1-3 days after my phone conformation and the guy who I spoke to was one of the few legit support guys over there.

    I hit a blue on Bucksy Malone got my 10 spins at 5 coins a spin, so 20$ in spins, then long story short I deposit the next day, blow 40$ to hit a blue on a 50 line game the fruit themed game, and the moron in support couldn’t find my medal, I ended up going through pages of playback and find him the game number. He goes ok here you go 10 free spins at tomahawk (at 1 cent a line), I was like guy do you even know what promo is going on, I want my 10 free spins 5 coins a piece at the game I got the medal, he had me on hold for about 15 minutes and goes you can keep the free spins at Tomohawk, and I’ve credited an additional 52 at Horns of Plenty (the fruit game lol), I was that’s fantastic thanks!! So I play my 10 spins at tomahawk and win like 1.47, and go to Horns of Plenty and saw that it was for 1 line 1 cent a piece, so Instead of getting 10 spins 50 lines 5 coins = $25 in spins I got 2.50+.52 so $3.02 in spins ( I asked him I just want what the offer is supposed to be! This guy goes it’s too late you already did the 10 spins on tomahawk.The next day I allegedly speak to the supervisor on duty for support, and he gave me a measly 10 spins 1 coin per line another 5$ in spins. So in summary I got $4 worth of free spins, instead of my $20 chip, and instead of $25 in spins from the medals promos I get $8.02 and I go to facebook and Kindly ask Simon King ( the promo %*#$?* from Big Dollar, the one who ends every email with u201cNuff Saidu201d and says sup playas like he has listened to old 80’s rap songs and used their lyrics in his promos, stuff no one actually says, not even the people with a serious case of denial that their white say dumb phrases like that). Anyways he said he would look into it. He sends me back a message on facebook saying I got my birthday bonus on November 3rd when I first deposited, and he said support also confirmed that you verified your phone # that day.I was like u201cO yea what, number was that because I wasn’t home from the 2nd of nov till the 6th, I was still at my grandparents.

    So the u201cOriginal Offeru201d the first support told me, the 20$ after the 3rd deposit, was a lie to get me to deposit a 3rd time or a flat out lie period. I posted what happened to me on Facebook and it kept getting deleted off their FB site, till they banned from posting on their Facebook page, I had an old Screen name I used back when you needed to be in college and us your college email to sign up for FB, which now for probably only the 2nd time in my life makes me feel old ( I’m 24 lol), but I wanted the truth to be known to protect other from falling into that scam trap Big BS Casino has going on, that email gets banned from posting and things settle for roughly 2 weeks, than all of a sudden I got a strange email from both Big Dollar and Villa Fortuna, asking me too sign and fax in a receipt for every deposit, even ones that were over 2 months old, and taken out of my account. So I went to chat and who else but Mark Assholestair is the one picks up. He demands that I send my Documentation on top of the receipts, (I had sent in my docs a month earlier), we go back and forth about it, meanwhile I was looking and found the conformation email, saying they had received all my docs, and the chat I had with the guy who was the only one to ever verify me over the phone, (Always keep chats especially if something seems off, or they offer you something, and lie about it) or just keep a copy of all relevant chats with support, but the best part was after him calling me a liar I showed him the email, and the chat, and he wouldn’t reply at all after that, I left the chat box up, and he didn’t have the balls to admit he was in the wrong, 2 hours later I kid you not I get an email and it says every dollar you have deposited through us will be returned but you will be banned from our casinos.This was great, except that they put you on a list, that almost all the Betonsoft Casinos see, and it blocks you from accessing your account with that same email, and unless you sign up with a new email on every site you are screwed over.Thanks to friends and family with different I.Ps I can still play on the Grand Prive , and other Bet on soft Casinos that had no part in this, and just see me as no-go on some list, without a reason they know of. I will put this on every single review that uses that support group, and btw these Casinos both sent me a code for 50 free spins that I couldn’t use, and it started off with u201cwe haven’t seen you in a whileu201d a$$holes lol. Now onto the casino itself, Jupiter Club, you can tell off the bat when you see the Icon for Jupiter Club it’s not GP’s pride and joy so to speak.The more popular sites for example Casino Grand Bay have a captains wheel on the Icon surrounded by blue like a boat in a bay, this Icon is a disco ball surrounded in purple, so unless Jupiter means Gay Pride at a Disco Club, it’s obvious they didn’t and still don’t put much of an effort into this casino.This was the last casino of the Grand Prive club of casinos, for one simple reason, I couldn’t for the first two months of trying Betonsoft software could find a No Deposit Sign up bonus for it. Finally I found one, it wasn’t much it was 10 free spins, but this was after I was banned from most Be on soft Casinos, so I had to go to one of my friend’s house to use it. So two days later I went to his house and set It up, and for some odd reason (he never downloads casino sites) it said I was not eligible, and I was reading everyday on the particular message board who had this offer that it was working with no problems for everyone who tried it, so I asked support and she tells me it’s expired, that its last years code, it was from this year keep in min.So I thought ok its 10 only spins but it’s the principal in it, I will get these spins and had fun doing it. My friend has one of the cooler moms, so I set up her an account, and went to support and they said u201cHi how are you, how can we help you today?u201d I wrote back, keep in mind my name is Sue and I am in my mid 50’s when I made her site. So I say u201cI am having the worst week of my life, I spent 25, 25 god damn years with that bastard and he cheated on me, I walked in on my husband and he was fu***ng the neighbor, and now I am getting a divorce and I’m at my sisters and she’s a recovering alcoholic so I can’t get drunk, and all I wanted to do is blow off steam and so I downloaded your casino off wwwu2026u2026u2026com and used code 123410 and it says I’m not eligible, first I’m not eligible after 25 years of marriage, and now I’m not eligible for a F’n casino! I hate my lifeu201d The chat lady who is usually something that rhymes with bunt, runt, or stunt combined with a word rhyming with witch, stitch, or pitch and has such a personality she could be a word that rhymes with store, bore, floor, or row, snow, yo, or blow and wouldn’t get any customers even if she worked pro-bono lol.u201cShe goes I’m sorry about that let me check your account details, after about ten minutes she said it’s credited go to the game (the Gems game) and playu201d.I did and ended up winning a whole $.72 on a 10 spins on a 50 line game, So I then played 30 hands on a classic slot at 2 cents for the one line and didn’t win once, not even a cherry or whatever symbol it was that pays x2, so I played 1 cent for 12 more spins, not once did I win.I really did not have good luck at this casino, and I have looked and since 2010 (on the site I checked) was the last time I believe that J.Club had its own ND bonus. By that I mean I’ve seen Granbay, Roadhouse, Lake Palace, and Bella all get codes that only worked on that site not a code for all GP sites. Of all the GP sites I ran the worst a person can run, on J.C , that’s me though, I got bad beats in life for 10 years without much luck sprinkled in, if you are interested in trying out J.C, AskGamblers has a cool offer of a 75% match and 25 Free Spins offer here u003Ca href=u0022http://www.askgamblers.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4449#post4449.u0022u003Ehttp://www.askgamblers.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4449#post4449.u003C/au003EAlso stay tuned, this story continues into Lake Palace. /My Rating 7.3/10 /Support Rating: Flip a coin/10. /-Ian

  2. Jupiter Club Casino is Bet On Soft Casino which is part of the Grand Prive Group. /All Bet On Soft Casinos was one of my favorites, well before I start playing Netent casinos, which now I switched the place Bet on soft are number 2.So the first deposit I ever made of those type of casinos was Treasure island, Big Dollar and because I was searching for new Bet on soft casino I found this one and I decided to deposit there.I knew that in the past they had problems with the late cashouts but saw they are solved and asked some people who has constantly deposited money there and withdraw from them then I was sure I can make a deposit. /So the first deposit I made there was 25$ which is the minimum also they were having match deposit bonus 100% but the wagering is really big time, I decided only to play with my money.So like always I did play my favorite game there Age of Spartans. /I managed to raise my balance from 25$ to 87 $ which for beginning it was great I guess. /So then I changed the slot game and tried to play Perfect date slot although there I lost and there I went with my old palls Age of Spartans which in the end I lost it all.What I like about this group of casinos is that after your deposit you are allowed to use 1 free chip from them, well free spins, depends on what game they will give you. /I talked to chat support and I can tell you that they are ok but they can be more pleasant with their costumers so I am not pleased with them that much.So they gave me 25 free spins on Captain Shockwave Slot which I don’t like that much neither. Had luck on that game so from the free spins I won 7 $ only . /I spent that sum very fast on Big Game slot. /After that I did receive free spins from them for my birthday but also never managed to make some money from them so never withdraw money from there.I will rate them 7/10 just because I like Bet on Soft games.

  3. Jupiter Club Casino is another online casino where I registered just because I wanted to claim some no deposit bonus. I found offer for 7$ no deposit bonus which has wagering of x45 bonus and max cash out of 150$.This casino is powered by Saucify (BetOnSoft) software provider. I had some good luck on those games before. Once I made cash out around 100$ from spins which were without any deposit needed, but at other casino not at this one. I was hoping to get similar results here, but at the end this did not happen.I was playing for some time.

    At the start I raised my balance a little bit, I was changing games all the time. The last game which I played was Tails of New York. I received two bonus games there, but both paid me poor; later I raise a little bit my bet and at the end I lost the bonus money.Otherwise I think this is good online casino which offer this kind of games. Jupiter Club Casino has nice promotions too. You can find many different bonus offers here.

    Maybe I will claim some deposit bonuses in near future, but I just do not know for sure yet.When I played here I did not have any problems. All works fine, the also offer live chat support which is great. Every casino should have this kind of support because you can solve your problems within’ some minutes. /I will rate Jupiter Club Casino with 7 out of 10 possible stars. I enjoy while I was playing here.

  4. I was a bit weary to try this casino. I had heard negative feedback about it on a few different forums but once I started playing I found that it ran quite smoothly. I didn’t have any trouble with the game play or with money so I’m more than satisfied with it.

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