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Grand Hotel Casino Bonus Codes for 2019

Welcome bonus always sounds very precious and when you take a closer look you usually don’t get the whole amount offered. But it doesn’t only refer to the first Grand Hotel Casino bonus offers but to a one-year membership, which can be reached sooner or later during the intensive game.

The first bonus is given on the first deposit. As usual, you get the highest bonus here.

Deposit 100 € and add 100 € on top, then you would fully exhaust the first deposit with the Grand Hotel Casino Bonus. But already from a deposit of 20 € you can get the offered 100% increase.

For the 2nd deposit, it is still about 50% and you can get up to 150€. The third deposit can be spiced up with 30% and the fourth with 20% bonus money, the whole thing then goes up to 150 €.

There are many individual bonus offers. Depending on how much you play you can receive offers tailored exclusively for you. Thus, one can look forward to the bonus blessings in the Grand Hotel Casino.

Grand Hotel Casino is a member of the Rewards Casino Group and that’s where the bonus appears. So don’t be surprised if the bonus doesn’t appear immediately after your deposit. It usually only takes a few minutes and you can pick up the bonus in your Rewards account. Of course, you don’t have to leave the casino, because the well-written bonus appears directly in the casino.

Conditions for the Grand Hotel Casino Bonus

The first 100% bonus is played 60 times. Important here is that ONLY the bonus is calculated. So it is not much more or less than at many other casinos. The nice thing about it is that the following bonuses can be played with 30x the bonus.

Especially if you play with a bonus it is always important to know what you are allowed or what not. It is relatively simple in the Grand Hotel Casino.

You can play anything (except video poker), that’s always good news. So you don’t have to memorize a list of games you can’t play. It goes without saying that you can’t fulfill the bonus requirements with a Classic Blackjack with a 2% credit. Concentrating on slot machines is an advantage. Our advice here is to play Blackjack in between a few rounds, sometimes you have to recover the money from the losses in risk richer slot machines.

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  1. Grand hotel casino is a part of casino rewards group, and everytime when I write review about casino from casino rewards I write same thing – this is a good casino, you can trust it. And this is truth, casino rewards powerful group, and they have all chances to become the best microgaming group in future, anyway, I registered and grand hotel casino and made deposit of 50$ with 100% welcome bonus and it give me nice 100$ balance which I can use on slots. I start with centre court slot, because I think this slot can pay really big, but honestly I never win there something nice, so probably now I win great money. After around 30 spins I get feature, which boost my balance to 140$, not a great money, but this is still up in balance, and I like upping my balance, god damn who do not like win? Show me this guy? Ok, after it I try dolphin coast and there god 2 reels of wild (2 and 4) and wild on middle reel with 2x multiplier which boost my balance to 350$, shame that on first and last reel not nice symbols 🙁 or multiplier not higher. Anyway I decide to try break da bank again with 1.8 bets, get freespins two times, but not nice results and with 200$ left I join supe it up as my last chance with 2.5 bets.

    I play it, play, get few nice hits, but feature do not come and do not come. What a *?%@, when 50 left I see that wager was clear and I decided just cashout. Lot of fun and playtime, no any loses. Money come in 60 hours, because 48 hours pending period. Nothing to say anymore about this casino guys.So, here is come my marks: /Software: 9/10 /Support: 9/10 /Bonuses: 8/10 /Cashouts: 8/10 /Total: 8.5/10 like always, if casino rewards group – then nice casino.

  2. Well, today on my list of casinos I stumbled upon this casino: Grand Hotel Casino. I never heard of it but thought it was worth a shot. Plus, it has a grade of 7.8 on, so I do not think it is that bad. The casino’s games are powered Microgaming, which in my opinion is the best one available on the market.The casino’s website is nothing spectacular, but not a disaster either. I like the fact that It is well structured and you can find any info very fast.

    It can only be played by downloading the software.They have more deposit bonuses. For the first deposit you get 100% up to 100$ free, than 50% up to 150$ free, for the third you get 20% bonus up to 160$ free. This totals 560, which is pretty nice. You can get up to 5000 more by depositing either weekly or monthly. The wagering requirements for the first 4 bonuses are 30x, which is fine. /I deposited 20 euros, got my 20 euros bonus.

    In order to withdraw something, I should wager 40×30=1200 euros.I do not have many things to say about Microgaming slots, since I commented about them many times and I feel that everything I say is already known by everyone. I have my favourite games when playing on a Microgaming Casino. First, Avalon. It does not usually pay well, but some spins are crazy! However, unfortunately I did not withdraw anything uf04cMy conclusion is that the casino is ok and worth a shot- especially for their bonuses. /My ratings are as follows: /Software: 9/10 Microgaming /Bonuses 9/10 /Support: I do not know /Cashouts: I do not know

  3. The casino rewards group always seem to have a cookie cutter type of casino u2013 stick a pretty model on the front of the download only casino u2013 not a fan of how many casinos are on my computer and will need a clear out soon! Though will this one cut the mustard u2013 its a Microgaming casino without all the new games or live casino, so it gets marked down in that regard. The download is fast and convenient enough, you will have to get the download as the website serves nothing more than effectively a download link u2013 the main draw of the casino is the tempting $5000 plus deposit u2013 its somewhat misleading. You only get 100% on your deposit at most when you first join, and the deposits tail off. If you actually want to get all the deposit bonus money you will have to constantly deposit and push about $10 000 through their casino. Now, I don’t have that much to spare, so I elected just to give it a go with a small deposit.

    One of the pros for this casino is the amount of progressive games they have. I am most a fan of Caribbean draw poker, and in my opinion is one of the best progressives along with Gold Rush. The rest of the games are numerous u2013 the blackjack has several games associated with it, and the roulette gold looks good as well. All the games play well, as you would expect. I didn’t have any problems on withdrawal with the casino.

    I did think that overall its a bit of a disappointing package with nothing special for the small depositor. Although you can get 100% on your deposit, and some of the MG games, its nothing you wouldn’t get elsewhere u2013 however, its solid and reliable enough, and if you want more of the same, or you want a 100% deposit then its worth your time.

  4. Grand Hotel is a casino I have registered not so long ago maybe year or so, being member of the famous Casino Rewards group I think they are more then casino we can trust and feel secure when we spend our money. Established in 2001 yet not even one single complaint, no negative comments I guess those all the reasons why many people choose to play and let’s not forget the very trust able casino license they have Kanhawake, Malta and UK Gambling I think I said it all.Grand Hotel as every Casino from this group having the best deposit welcome bonuses, ok the welcome bonus is kind of average one but I meant was the wagering requirement of their casino offered which is X 30 but only the bonus. Knowing that many Microgaming casinos give the same bonus but with much bigger wagering requirements, I guess that’s a pretty nice friendly bonus for us players.I made small deposit of 25$ and took the bonus and had the bonus after few minutes ago. Having 50$ to play, well 50$ isn’t that big amount to play,b ut having experience with 60$ and withdraw 2200 euros I guess everything is possible. Break Da Bank slot was first my choice and played with 0.36 cents.At first the game was loading nice hit the free spins feature and got 24$ plus on my account.

    I played for another 50 spins and the game has eat all the balance I got from the free spins. Next game was Immortal Romance and that’s where my play time here ends. I played with 1.20$ and lost it all. About the casino as I mentioned before, trusted no complaints so you are good to go as for the live support as always friendly and professional.I would rank this casino specially the bonus 9/10.

  5. I had seen an advert of grand hotel casino room on a site and I was impressed by the name because these little things matter a lot when you are about to join a new casino room and the name was very appealing to me. In the beginning only this casino room kind of disappointed me because there registration and verification process took so long to get over with that I was very pissed and there was one moment when I thought of leaving this casino room and not making a deposit here but then I decided to give them some time and it got better trust me. The site is very efficiently designed and the layout of the site is very beautiful and appealing and it kept me hooked all the time because I tend to win money and play good when the whole environment is good around me and all the factors are equally good. This site has a very welcoming and user friendly atmosphere and it was very comforting for me because it tell us that they are very concerned about their users. It is powered by the micro gaming software which is very cool and probably one of the best in this business and it has supported the games in this casino room very effectively.

    It took a little longer than usual for me to receive the bonus and it annoyed me a little because I do not really have a lot of patience. this is one of the few casinos where I managed to cash out the bonus received because the games were very nice and fast. And the payment process was very fast and swift and I received my winning within no time and I was very happy that I decided to join this casino room. Thumbs up for grand hotel casino room.

  6. Grand hotel casino it is another one representative in group of casino rewards. All casinos in this group using microgaming software, and all casinos in this group is very well known for sending lot of spam and promoting other casinos in this group in such emails, and also this group is very well known for being very strict to players in case of bonuses, so I am strongly recommend to you to check all terms and conditions before you start playing, this can save you from problems which can appear if you not read terms.I played at grand hotel casino only one or two times, I can not remember this exact, but I remember good that I have no any luck with my deposit of 30$ that I did in this casino with 100% bonus. With 60$ balance I start playing the dark knight slot, I like it because there is always lot of action, stacked wilds, and also jackpot that can drop with any bet size at any time. I did very well from begin, so with 100$ I left the dark knight and switch to immortal romance with 0.9$ bets, get a couple of features but unfortunately nothing special and with 85$ I left it and decide to try deck the halls with not very big bets, but unfortunately looks like it was not my day I just drop to 50$, and decide to save myself in break da bank video slot, because you know, this slot can kill or can save, so I start playing with 0.54$ bets, and even had 3 timesfree spins feature, but like always with this break da bank again features was empty and I finish with zero.Grand mondial get 8 stars because it is safe and good online casino. Just be careful with their terms and conditions for bonuses and everything will be fine!

  7. This is probably the best casino from the casino rewards company and the one with the best return to the players. grand hotel casino is also taking the games from the MG software. Mg offers the biggest collection of games and it has the best slots that is why I always go for MG casinos. I made 4 cash outs from this casino. And had a amazing time on this casino.

    They give the cash out in the promised time and their support lacks a little if you compare it to the other best things about this casino. I created an account on this casino about a year ago. Why I liked this casino because this one does not have that many complaints against them if compared to the other casinos from the casino rewards company and a lot of players say that this company is a fraud and they cheat when it comes to giving the players their money. My first deposit was about of 50$ and the money was transferred in around 15-20 times from account to casino cashier. I start with the TS II game which i do most of time times.

    The start was not that bad and I was expecting the start to be very slow. And after some spins only I got the k with bonus and that was good money. But my biggest win was when I got 4 k on one reel and after that only small hits and nothing big. I played Dark knight and TSII and immortal romance the most and always ended with some table games or break da bank. They have the best return to the players and no other casino from this company is that good.

    I can tell you this by experience. Their support is lacking a little but I hope that they will work on that and make it perfect just like everything else here. I would give this casino 9.5 and would like to thank them for an amazing experience and so many cash outs.

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