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Casino Action is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from Angola, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos [Keeling] Islands, Comoros, Congo – Brazzaville, Congo – Brazzaville, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Micronesia, France, Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Maldives, Mayotte, Myanmar [Burma], Nauru, Niger, Niue, Norfolk Island, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Spain, South Africa, Syria, Tajikistan, Uganda, United States, Western Sahara, Dominica, Kuala Lumpur, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Palau, Pitcairn Islands, North Korea, Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Côte d’Ivoire, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guam, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Italy, Kiribati, Lithuania, Nigeria, Northern Mariana Islands, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Somalia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Zimbabwe!

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  1. Casino Action is a member of Casino Rewards group and to be a part of that group means to be safe and secure. You can play without any worries about your money in all the member casinos of the Casino Rewards group! /u003ECasino Action was just the next CR group casino and of course I take the advantage of its welcome offer. I used the free hour play with 1250 credits and the opportunity to keep up to 100 credits in exchange of depositing 40. It is in fact a 250% match deposit up to 100, so it is worth using it. And the wagering requirements were also very attractive u2013 only 30 times the amount of the bonus or in my case 3000.

    The start was more than brilliant u2013 4 free spins features in a row at one of my favorite Microgaming slots u2013 Thunderstruck II at 0.60 bet. I managed to increase my balance near 300 but the greed in me took an advantage over the common sense I kept playing and even increased the bet at 1.20 per spin. Stupid, stupid boy! I lost everything down to the last cent in no time and all that left were some loyalty points for future use, because you can exchange those points for cash only on increments of 1000 and I got only 880. Anyway, this was one of the cases when you tell yourself u2013 hey, why did not stop? And the answer never appears to be honest u2013 I was in a good week, I was sure I will hit it big, I was this, I was thatu2026 Do you know whet the ancient Romans said about it: Siq Transit Gloria Mundi, which means u2013 so passes the world glory!!! I never deposited again in casino Action u2013 I just felt some bad luck playing there. Of course it is stupid to believe in that kind of things but do you know any person that is more superstitious than the gambler??? /u003ESo, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores: /u003Eu003Cbu003ESupport: 8/10 /u003ESoftware: 10/10 /u003ESecurity: 8/10 /u003EFinance: 5/10 /u003EBonuses: 5/10 /u003ETermsu0026amp;Conditions: 8/10 /u003E /u003EOverall: Good and safe online casino! u003C/bu003E /u003E /u003EWell that is it from me now:).

    Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: u003Cbu003Eu201cYou can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying! u003C/b

  2. It was established in 2000 and it is licensed by Malta. Its a Micro gaming software game which provides varieties of games and I love this software and this is probably the best software in the world as well I deposit the money through visa debit method and started playing it.I played here video slot game and the one I like it a lot and that game is named as Thunderstruck 2. Thunder struck 2 has always proved to be lucky for me as I play this game with almost every casino and now it is some sort of a custom that I have to play Thunder struck first. I do not really look up for ratings and reviews when I am joining a casino from Casino Rewards group but for this one I tried to know a little because the last casino from this group turned out to be a disaster and I was not going to let that happen to me again. They have a very nice 240% match up bonus where all the other casinos are only offering a 100% match up.

    But I played with real money with this casino because I had not care about the bonuses anymore as long as it is not a deposit bonus because that is something I cannot afford to miss. As part of the Casino Rewards group they have a very nice and fast support team but this one has some problems in the live chat but the support is nice. I played a lot of sessions here and withdrawal took no time as well i just had to send in my documents for verification and my cash out was processed. I gave it a overall rating of 7/10 and in terms of software 9/10. For customer service i gave it 6/10.

  3. Casino Action is Microgaming casino which can be listed with any other Casino Rewards brand. This casino is safe and decent, and had welcome offer free play bonus, but if player does not want to take free play bonus, casino offers to him 100% bonus up to 40$, which is not good thing of course. Also to get 40$, player forced to deposit at least 40$, which mean that if I want to deposit 20$, I should use free play bonus, or I did not get anything. A bit strange and hard to understand, but this is what i know, probably now they changed this offer and it is now clear.I played at Casino Action only once, I made 40$ deposit to get 100% bonus on this deposit. 40$ is not my usual deposit, because usually I just spent 20-25$ and enjoy, while 40$ is a bit high, but as I describe I was need to do so if I want to get welcome bonus.

    I start my playing from Hitman slot, not sure why I enter this game as I hate it, but this time I had strong feeling to play this game. /My feelings cheat me, and once again I saw why I hate this game. I left this game with 30$ on my balance, after play at 0.15$, and i think 10$ less is huge on medium variance game, especially taking note that I did not see feature. After this I was angry and open Thunderstruck II game, and played my balance out with 0.60 bets, I get feature once, and that was really hopeless one, as I get only few times three of a kinds low paying symbols, and nothing else. That was only one my deposit in this casino, and I never made more deposits here. /I rate casino action with 7 stars, and really have nothing to say anymore about this casino.

  4. Casino Action is part of Casino Rewards group, and every time when I write post about Casino Rewards casino I tell you that this will be nice and safe casino, because Casino Rewards it is a good group of casinos. You should remember it, and know. Casino Action offer me 1250$ free play, which after win give me 250% match bonus up to 100$, so I made deposit 40% to take full advantage of such nice offer. Casino Rewards casinos is better for me than few others Microgaming groups for such things, they not greed for nice deposit bonuses, while some others give you only standartd 100. %Shame on them.

    Anyway, I had 140$ on my balance, and 3000$ in wagering requirements, before I clear my wagering requirements, and can not cash out anything, probably you a newbie gambler, so should know it. /I start my way with karate pig- nice looking 30 lines slot with funny bonus games, and with free spins with 2x multiplier. I play it 1.2$ per bet, because I like this slot and I was sure that it can give me something really nice. But my feelings cheat me, and with 50$ on my balance I was left this slot. I decide that I had to risk, win big, or just lost all, so you probably know which Microgaming slot give you this opportunity- obviously glorious break da bank again, 9 lines slot, with wilds that give you 5x multiplier, and in free spins unbelievable, incredible, 25x multiplier! /I love this slot, but most time it kill my balance within few number of minutes, and it kill me in casino action too.

    Damn, when I win big in this slot?Casino action receives following marks from me: /Software: 9/10 /Bonuses: 6/10 /Support: 9/10 /Cashouts: 7/10 /Total: 8/10 another one nice casino from Casino Rewards group, it is safe, gives nice bonuses, and can entertain you a lot.

  5. Casino Action is a casino which is sponsored by Microgaming, which is a huge boost for me right away. /I always enjoy playing Microgaming slots, as they have a very wide selection of games to choose from as well. /I very much like the site overlay as well. Gives it a very elite look, which is very nice.It took me a while to figure out how to use the bonuses, as you have free play, and real cash pay with different kinds of bonuses, it was really difficult and they should make this feature a lot simpler in my honest opinion. /I don’t like bonuses higher than 100%, because it makes me wonder how the win/lose ration works. /Of course, it’s a random number generator, but you can’t really know that unless you’ve made the program yourself, right? /So I was a bit suspicious. I talked to their customer support for a while, as previously mentioned, the bonus system was tedious for me. /The chat wasn’t the fastest I’d say. I had to wait between, but it’s maybe a lack of personel or something, and it wasn’t a big deal. /I had about 50$, so I clocked with about 2 days of game time with this casino, with such a big deposit. /Not big in terms of money deposited, but I usually deposit lower amounts especially if this is a casino that I’m fairly new to. (Which it is) I don’t regret depositing that much, but I have to say I was disappointed I didn’t make any money. /I couldn’t meet the wagering requirements as I was winning and losing in turns, so it was a very tedious thing to do. /The software is overall responsive though, and it loaded up everything pretty fast too.

    /So, a grade of 6/10, It’s not the worst, it’s not the best either.

  6. Casino Actionu2013 Microgaming and Quickfire software, both flash and download versions. /Action casino isu2013 I have again surprised myself, as I have had no idea about this fact unless reading it here 🙂 and nor could find it out by anything- just another casino which makes a fraction of Casino Rewards group. Anyway when I found it, I have just seen a 1250u20ac no deposit free play which have excited me absolutely 🙂 (Later I have read Tu0026amp;C of that and I found out that it is not that amazing, but in my opinion it is still fine bonus). I have played and played and then finally I reached the finish, claiming maximum amount possible as bonus to my deposit (which have I made right after I finished the free play game session). /I have began to play the same game which I free played, Thunderstruck, but It just showed me sadly low (almost none) payout for a LONG time.

    I have decided that it is maybe influenced by the stake, which I set to it on free plays and simply switched the game to another one and it began to look better u2013 I have won 100$ over my depo+bonus base amount in cca 10 minutes and as I have rised the stake, I have been awarded with 2 scatter free spins in a row and finally withdrawn 400u20ac – yes it took few days more than usual (4-5) but I must prove that casino rewards does not mean stop go elsewhere in every case :).

  7. I liked everything about this Casino, all my bonus’s came through, I was up money so I made a withdrawal and I had my money in my bank account within 3 business days. The games paid out nicely and anytime I had to contact the help desk they were actually very helpful.

  8. Casino Action is part of Casino Rewards Group and powered by Microgaming platform this is a nice casino but a little bit annoying. They have an step by step bonus of $1250 you’ll be given 1 hour to reach the credit amount. Okay, after you reach the maximum amount you’ll able to stop the time clock (if you reach the minimum amount). The maximum is $100 and you’ll need to deposit at least $40 according to their terms and condition. After they transferred it to my account that takes 30-40 minutes i doubt why does my initial deposit of $40 is missing? I contacted their support and said the problem she said that i need to wait 1-2 hours before i get my initial bonus.

    After several minutes i saw my funds and my initial deposit added although the representative said that it takes 1-2 hours.I read the terms and condition about their bonus so I’ m ready to play my favorite slots. I saw that they have Thunder Struck 2 so I played it and bet minimum amount. I always felt lucky playing TS2 slot and because of my interest playing that game. I won and choose different kind of free spins but the consequences of this bonus is it’s very hard to wager or achieve. I tried to achieve my the goal and I’ m very patiently playing different variety of Microgaming games.

    I also played table games u0022eligibleu0022 because it’s 50% wagering percentage. I asked their representative if I’ m okay to withdraw my funds because i also saw that I finished my wagering requirements and they said submit the needed documents and they congratulated me very well.After it’s verified for 1 day I process it and they processed it after 3 days. That’s the annoying because the withdrawal process is so slow and when you asked them they will say it’s currently under process but the important they pay their customer. I rate them 7.5/10 overall.

  9. This name is right for this casino – u0022Casino Actionu0022. You will definitely find action here. This is great casino I think that he belongs to casino rewards group and this is one safe and trusted casino. You must find action here because they offer a huge number of different games, I think that they offer more than 400 games and if you can’t find here what you want you won’t find anywhere. I love table games, special blackjack and here they offer not one blackjack but few different version and every version is nice.

    You can play low stakes from 1 euro up to 100 if you want so they offer games for all kind of players. Beside that I love playing on their slots also, special I love their progressive slots like Mega Moolah and Fruit fiesta. I know that chances to get progressive jackpot are so small but it is nice feeling to expect something like that, and someone must win that, so why not me ? :)This is my lucky casino, here I was win a lot of times and I make the most withdrawals from this casino. They are not so fast when it comes to withdraw but within 48 hours you will get you money for sure. (if you use skrill for other payment options I don’t know)

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